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Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (SC-T) was a London-born African British composer and musician whose work brought him fame in Britain and internationally during the period spanning the end of the Victorian and beginning of the Edwardian age.  Although he was much acclaimed for his works, which included ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’, the cornerstone of the Royal Choral Society’s annual ‘Hiawatha’ concerts at Royal Albert Hall from 1924 to 1939, he was also proud of his African heritage – SC-T’s work incorporated several African-related themes such as ‘24 Negro Melodies’; and he was an executive committee member of the (Pan-)African Association, which organised the 1900 Pan-African Conference.

The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 100PM Collective (SC-T Collective) is just one of several organisations either highlighting, publicising or organising SC-T related activities in 2012-13. Scroll down to see list of some of the SC-T organisations.

SC-T died on Sept. 1 1912 in Croydon, south London, so in recognition of the centenary of his death, several organisations are delivering a range of SC-T related activities in 2012-13.

It’s happening across Britain. There’s no central co-ordinating body – SC-T Collective, like the other listed organisations, are doing their best to disseminate information among their networks.

As SC-T lived and died in Croydon, there’s a year-long Croydon SC-T programme. The centenary events were formally opened there on January 6 2012 by the Mayor of Croydon. On January 18, SC-T biographer (‘Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, A Musical Life’) and historian Jeff Green gave a talk followed by a recital of some of SC-T’s songs at the Braithwaite Hall in Croydon. On February 9-11 2012 Surrey Opera performed ‘Thelma’, a SC-T opera long thought to be lost at Fairfields Halls. At least one London opera company (Pegasus) plans to perform ‘Thelma’ in 2012.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 100PM Collective (SC-T Collective) is a Music Congress (BBM/BMC) initiative, led by BBM/BMC founder Kwaku and supported by Kienda Hoji, Commercial Music BA course director at University of Westminster, plus various Collective members including Awula Serwah, BTWSC co-ordinator. SC-T Collective aims to raise SC-T’s profile as an African British classical composer of international repute; to lobby for a music industry-backed bursary for African British composers to create works that fuse contemporary with classical styles; to work with partners to programme Coleridge-Taylor’s repertoire; and to signpost events in 2012-13 related to his centenary and work. The co-ordinator is history consultant Kwaku:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Network (STCN) is a group of people interested in and promoting SC-T’s work. It also produces the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network Newletter and the HSAP British Black History Digest (see Articles/Links). The webmaster and editor of the information-packed SCTN newsletter is historian Sean Creighton:,

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation is a Community Interest Company which aims to promote the work of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and to encourage interest and involvement in classical music using his life and work as an example of excellence in achievement and in overcoming adversity. The SC-T Foundation has three board directors, Hilary Burrage, Nick Prior and Chumki Banerjee. Hilary, who’s the Foundation’s executive chair, also has a SC-T LinkedIn community at: The Foundaion’s website is perhaps the best UK online presence in terms of style, depth of coverage of posts, particularly SC-T events and related resources:

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912): Britain’s Greatest African Classical Composer is an open LinkedIn group dedicated to SC-T related discussions led by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation executive chair Hilary Burrage:

The Longfellow Chorus is a Portland, Maine, U.S.A based organisation focused on keeping the memory of poet Henry Longfellow alive by performing musical pieces set to the poet's words. Its artistic director Charles Kaufman is making a SC-T documentary based on the composer's visit to the USA and the influence he had on Americans during his lifetime. It will be premiered as part of the The 2013 Longfellow Choral Festival, which takes place  March 15, 16 & 17 2013: