Planning on attending this SC-T event: Music Of Black Origin Versus Music Of British Origin tonight. Will post little review here after attending. Kwaku (28/1/2011)

Thank for SC-T Collective member Ra for tipping me about this event. Billed as Andrew Tait & Friends Presents music by Samuel Coleridge Taylor, I knew nothing about Andrew but was nevertheless interested in attending. Especially as the venue was not too far from me, not to mention its provocative sub-title: "Music Of Black Origin Versus Music Of British".

Although the sub-title was not really developed, it was first of all a surprise to discover Andrew was an African musician. I later learnt he is pursuing an PhD focused on SC-T's music. He, on piano, was accompanied by a small combo of musicians delivered a splendid performance of SC-T's music. It was my first experience of SC-T music live!

Billed as a fundraiser, unfortunately, the intimate confines of All Saints Church in Notting Hill could have done with a bit more attendees. Nevertheless it was a warm and wonderful concert. We even had a break for wine, and Andrew gave his take on SC-T's life and works. If possible, we might just have a repeat later in the year, where hopefully we may be able to fully develop the sub-theme.

Kwaku (04/04/2012)