Chi-chi Nwanoku: 'I want black musicians to walk on to the stage and know they belong' June 2 2015 Guardian article:

Is Classical Music Racist?
Author and screenwriter Candace Allen has sparked a row after claiming that the British classical music world is “racist”: is a site dedicated to black music research. The link below has an extensive list of SC-T's works and discographical information. The site also has a similar list of Fela Sowade's work.
Note:  Dominique Rene S. de Lerma died Oct. 15 2015

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network Newletter/HSAP British Black History Digest
The Newsletter is very useful monthly digest of  SC-T related activities – news, reviews, and advance event information, put together by historian and SC-T Collective member Sean Creighton. You can read it online, or subscribe for free PDFs. Sean also circulates the Digest via emailed PDF, which provides information on a wide range of African/black history related activities – it cover a wide range of expressions, from talks, walks, plays, performances, plaque-laying, etc, and is not confined to activities related to just the British African/black history month/season around Sept-Nov. This year, respecially, the Digest will naturally have some SC-T related info:,,
SC-T biographer (‘Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, A Musical Life’) and historian Jeffrey Green has posted biographies on numerous Africans who lived in Victorian and Edwardian Britain, which naturally includes entries on SC-T:

Surrey Opera
This company premiered the long lost SC-T opera ‘Thelma’ in February  2012 at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, and is behind the Croydon Festival – for brochure, etc:

Black Cultural Archives
The BCA has always been aware of and celebrated Coleridge-Taylor. In 1984 the BCA initiated a concert at the Commonwealth Institute, which was based on the sheet music that BCA founder Len Garrison had studiously collected over the years. The late Len recalled: ‘We collected one of the largest collections of his music outside of the Royal College of Music. Click here to browse BCA’s collection. For more info:

A Tribute To Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
This Dreaming Realist post by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation founder Hilary Burrage provides a breezy SC-T biography:

Black Mahler by Chris Elford
Initially conceived as a film script, this fictionalised book is very much based on SC-T’s biography. Very easy read. Kindle edition available since early 2012. Incidentally, SC-T was dubbed the Black (or African) Mahler by members of the New York Philaharmonic Orchestra, when SC-T became the first African to conduct an all European orchestra in the US during his 1910 trip:

AfricClassical’s SC-T resources
Though the URL looks dodgy, it actually does link to the SC-T’ biography, discography and sound samples on the superb AfriClassical’s web, which has a huge listing of “African heritage in classical music”:

Celebrating the life of Sierra Leone’s ingenious classical music composer – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
The Sierra Leone Telegraph has published a piece for SC-T's paternal folks, which provides a useful biography, plus an extensive lising of the year-long Croydon SC-T programme