Thursday, 26 January 2012

Event: Music Of Black Origin Versus Music Of British Origin

All Saints Church Notting Hill
Cordially request the pleasure of your company at an evening of wine and music to celebrate the 150th anniversary of All Saints Notting Hill.
Music of Black Origin versus Music of British Origin
Saturday 28th January: Andrew Tait & Friends Presents music by Samuel Coleridge Taylor;
1875 – 1912
Samuel Coleridge Taylor was, at the turn of the Century one of Britain's most outstanding Composers who achieved such success that he was once called the "African Mahler".
Venue: All Saints Church, Clydesdale Road, W11
Performance starts 7pm Dress code: Smart Casual Ticket £10
Tickets at the door
N.B. Donations in aid of the continuous maintenance work at All Saints Notting Hill will be much appreciated on the evening.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Welcome to the SCT100PM Collective Blog

Welcome to the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 100 PM Collective (SCT100PM Collective or just the Collective; ^Post Mortem) blog. The SCT10PM Collective is a Music Congress initiative, led by Kwaku, and supported by Kienda Hoji, Commercial Music BA director Kienda Hoji at University Of Westminster, plus various Collective members.

1. The Collective is to be an unconstituted collection of individuals and organisations drawn from educators, historians, musicians, and media/music industry practitioners because of their knowledge, interest, contacts, and influence that can have a positive impact on the aims of the Collective. Membership is free - simply email:
2. The aims of the Collective are generally to improve the awareness of SC-T as a notable African British composer, raise awareness of his works, and to circulate information of SC-T related activities in 2012/13 among
a) the general public
b) contemporary and classical music audiences
c) young people
d) music students, and
e) persons of African and ethnic minority backgrounds; and
specifically, to have a
f) SC-T grant awarded by PRS For Music* to British composers or writers of African heritage to create either i) new classical works ii) innovative classical/contemporary hybrid works or iii) an essay that highlights SC-T’s biography and/or his works in an accessible manner for non classical music aficionados or musicologists
g) SC-T works to be included in the repertoire of the 2012 BBC Proms (if planning deadlines make this impossible, then campaign for a commitment to include it in 2013)
h) SC-T legacy – a programme which works with the BBC Proms and a music educational institution to bring in young African British composers & music students to investigate and perform traditional and modern classical works by Africans from Britain and overseas, as part of the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall or Hyde Park
i) SC-T and his work to be introduced into the music curriculum
j) partner venues where works developed from SC-T grant or SC-T legacy can be performed
k) to act as a conduit through which information of SC-T related activities and events can be publicised
l) to be a networking forum (on and offline) for improving knowledge about SC-T and other African classical music composers, promoting SC-T events organised by Collective members, and the encouragement of collaborative events among by Collective members
* PRS is the UK public performance collection society for songwriters and music publishers. Founded in 1914, it is believed to have been formed as a consequence of the revelation that one of Britain’s most popular composers, SC-T, had died in 1912 almost penniless